Fused Glass, Color and Style, Summer Glass Class

I teach glass classes about once a month at 425 Market Place Antiques in Roswell, Georgia.  They are a blast to teach and it is always fun to bring home their pieces and kiln them.  They always looks very different after several hours at 1800 degrees.  Here are the pieces that my last glass made.


Aren’t these Colors Amazing?


We do three kinds of pendants.  One with Art Glass, One with Dichroic Glass and one with Dichroic Glass topped with a layer of clear glass.


 I love the texture in these pieces.  The one on the bottom right has a glass cane running from top to bottom.


I love all three of these.  They are very tiny but have tons of detail.  She used lots of milliefiori in her designs.


I love all of these.  The pendant on the top right is amazing.  It has three canes on the bottom.


See if you can find the cane in these pieces.  Isn’t the cross just adorable?  I also love the blues in the top right pendant.


These remind me of Stained Glass Windows.  This artist spent a lot of time cutting glass into tiny pieces.  So pretty!


These are all lovely.  The Dichroic on Black really pops.  The canes in the top right piece show glass at it’s best.  You can see depth and an awesome design.


These three have tons of interesting features.  I love the millies all squished together in the first piece.


Didn’t these turn out great?  You can’t tell from the picture but the one on the far left has a lot of depth.  It has the clear glass on top of the pendant.

If you live in the Roswell Area you should come join the fun.  We have a great time and I try to keep the prices really reasonable.  I generally only charge for materials and labor because I want it to be something that families can do together without breaking the bank.

You Are My Sunshine…..

When I started stamping spoons over a year ago, I did it as a way to express myself.  I stamped sayings that I knew I loved and hoped others did too.  My hand stamped spoons and forks sold really well and then an interesting thing started to happen.  My customers started telling me their stories and started ordering custom spoons and forks so they could express themselves as well.


The spoons above are a sweet example of the wonderful stories I get to hear.  A dear lady saw my spoons in the Provisions: Home Store in Roswell, Georgia.  She called me and said she had purchased the spoon that says, “You are my Sunshine”.  She has twin nieces that she is very close to and they visit her for a week each year.  On one of these visits she was singing “You are my Sunshine” as it had become their song.  When the Aunt was with one of her twin nieces, the niece told her that she didn’t want to be her Sunshine, she wanted to be her Moonlight instead.  Seeing this as a way to differentiate the girls, as twins love to do, her Aunt now sings each of them their own individual song.  To one she sings, “You are My Sunshine” and to the other she sings, “You are My Moonlight”.  I am so glad my spoons could be a part of this lovely tradition.

I am udderly in love with Moo…..


I discovered the site for Moo Cards, http://www.moo.com a couple of weeks ago and was really excited about the possibilities with the Mini Moo Cards.  For those of you not familiar with Moo Cards, it is a publishing site on line that specializes in really cool, trendy business cards.  The mini cards that they offer are […]

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Gallery 35 in Alpharetta, Georgia


One of my favorite places where my artwork can be purchased is Gallery 35 in Alpharetta Georgia. The thing that sets this gallery apart from other galleries is that it is filled with local artists only and it has art in a wide range of mediums.  The mediums include  Art Glass, Photography, Pottery, Soap, Mosaic, […]

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Shards of Glass by Marta Klonowska


Marta Klonowska is know for her edgy glass animals that she creates with jagged pieces of glass shards. She begins her compositions by building a metal structure that is then carefully covered with glass. Three- dimensional forms emerge from hundreds of two-dimensional fragments woven into the metal structure. Klonowska says of her work, “My animal […]

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A pen that writes in 3-D, no paper needed.

This is really pretty neat. Remember Harold and the Purple Crayon? Here is a pen that Harold would love, it actually writes in 3-D, no paper needed. It’s going to cost $79.

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Gifting to the Stars

What do Megan Fox, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Claire Danes, Adele, Jessica Simpson, Gisele Bundchen and Penelope Cruz have in common besides being celebrities?  They are all receiving this necklace from Helen’s Adornments in a gift bag to celebrate Mother’s Day. There is a story in how this transpired, so let’s start at the beginning.  A […]

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Blooming Trees


I live in Atlanta, Georgia and every year our flowers and blooming trees start peeking out in February.  If we don’t have another frost in March (which we sometimes do) Atlanta comes alive in March and April with gorgeous color.  Seeing the trees in our neighborhood bloom gave me the idea for this photo.  I […]

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Jolie the Wonder Dog


Jolie is my Studio Dog and she follows me around all day as I make beads, wire wrap jewelry and do housework.  Today she was not following me around like she usually does so I went looking for her.  I looked in all the rooms in the house to no avail.  Then I heard something […]

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A Bead is Born


Have you ever watched someone sculpt molten glass?  Many  glass studios will demonstrate glass blowing techniques as a way to introduce the art of creating with molten glass.  Most of these studios produce big pieces like vases and vessels by sculpting shapes and then kilning them in a glory hole.  Making glass beads is a […]

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